Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World - C.628 - : The Demon Sovereign’s Death Knell!

Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

C.628 - : The Demon Sovereign’s Death Knell!

Chapter 628: The Demon Sovereign’s Death Knell!

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As the Blue Planet continued to accelerate, Lin Shatian grew to 16 years old.

In other words, another eight years had passed on the Blue Planet.

Dragon Qingyue wanted to pass the throne to Lin Shatian and then follow Lin Chen to the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. However, the final battle was about to begin and Lin Chen did not know what the outcome would be, so he simply did not meet the mother and son.

Lin Chen brought his men to the moon.

‘You did that on purpose, didn’t you?’

Dragon Yandao couldn’t help but grumble, “In the future, when Qiang’er grows up, she will become Zhang Chunlin’s daughter. At that time, Zhang Chunlin will become my father-in-law?”

“I really didn’t do it on purpose. It just so happens that Zhang Chunlin’s wife is pregnant!”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. When the time comes, it won’t be a big deal for the two of you to be relatives… By the way, on the Starry Sky River Eight Trigrams Array Diagram, there’s plenty of providence. Two of the god realms in the temple have already been destroyed, and the providence of those two god realms has already flowed over. Now, it can increase the time flow on Blue Planet by 50 times. Every day we spend on the Battlefield of Gods and Demons will be almost two months on Blue Planet. Be patient. Eighteen years is only a matter of a hundred days for you.”

Dragon Yandao was speechless.

However, he did miss his wife very much.

After some thought, Dragon Yandao said leisurely, “I only hope that we’ll go back to see her with a great victory that unites the universe!”

“We will!”

Lin Chen nodded.

Then, he entered the Mythical Battlefield through the passage on the moon. “The Heaven Measuring Ruler of the Eon God hasn’t been taken back yet!” After entering the Mythical Battlefield, Lin Chen could sense that the teleportation channel was blocked by the Heaven Measuring Ruler.

“This is also a precious treasure!”

Dragon Yandao smiled. “Lin Chen, take him away!”

“Why are you snatching the Heaven Measuring Ruler?”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “It’s best if the Eon God doesn’t take it back. This way, it will be easy to enter the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, but difficult to leave! In the future, we humans can also migrate here. At that time, no matter who wants to invade the human race, they will have to think twice!”

In Lin Chen’s opinion, Eon God’s actions had actually helped the human race.

Dragon Yangdao nodded lightly, then frowned…

Due to Lin Chen’s speed, the group had already entered the eastern Mythical Battlefield and the passageway connecting to the central Mythical Battlefield.

He could hear two figures fighting in the sky!

“Di Jie!”

Chi You roared.

Hmph, I originally planned to get along peacefully with you, but in the end, you’re so aggressive… Without Lin Chen, what are you in front of me? Li Cang, if you surrender now and submit to me again, I can consider not killing you!”‘

Mo Luo’s voice sounded.

“Tsk tsk, how arrogant!”

Lin Chen sneered.

Of course, Mo Luo and Chi You definitely could not hear his words.

At this moment, these two former brothers of the demon race were tens of thousands of feet tall. Mo Luo’s tentacles surrounded Chi You, but the Weapon Grandmaster armor on Chi You’s body was also resisting with all its might. However, there was still a huge gap between a peak Rank Seven and a Genesis Master God!

However, at the side, all the main God powerhouses of the human race also attacked one after another, continuously harassing Mo Luo.

Even though Mo Luo was severely injured by the Eon God, he was still able to suppress Chi You, the Goddess of Wisdom, Buddha, Qi Sha, Greedy Wolf, and Po Jun, these two master god-level powerhouses!

From this, it could be seen that Mo Luo’s strength was not weak at all.


Sometimes, the strength of the universe was not determined by strength!

There was also a relationship of mutual restraint.

This involved the power of the universe!

Under the First Rank, the outcome of a battle was often affected by the attributes of both sides.

It was very difficult for a party with insufficient attributes to win.

When one reached the First Rank, the cultivation technique would begin to unleash its power.

Lin Chen had relied on the cultivation techniques and moves of the Primordial Sword Spirit and the Primordial Saber Demon, as well as the mystic sect’s secret techniques to kill his way here.

Later on, when he reached the god realm, he relied on his soul sea and divine power to fight.

It was the same all the way to Rank eight.

However, when one reached the Eight Revolutions realm, even if it was the Genesis Master God realm, there would be another concept in terms of strength… the power of the universe!

Compared to divine power and the soul sea, the power of the universe had a greater impact on the outcome.

And the mutual restraint between the forces of the universe was even more obvious!

For example…

Elemental power could restrain the power of life.

In the face of elemental power, no matter how powerful one’s life force was, it was still possible to be directly destroyed!

However, the devouring power could accumulate flesh and blood, and it could also restrain elemental power. This was because your skin was thick and you could resist and fight. Elemental power could not insta-kill you.

Then, the power of the natural rules could restrain the power of rebirth and reincarnation.

Because if the rules didn’t allow it, reincarnation and rebirth would be a joke. However, the power of destruction naturally countered the power of the rules.

It could be said that the relationship between the nine types of cosmic powers was extremely complicated!

However, Lin Chen’s devouring power, coupled with the power of life and fusion, was undoubtedly specialized in restraining the Demon Sovereign!


The Profound Heavenly Treasure Mirror. Why did it say that he was the demon slayer, Human Sovereign Lin Chen?


Lin Chen’s power of the universe was his undoing!

Previously, when Lin Chen’s strength was inferior to the Demon Sovereign, he was able to force the Demon Sovereign away.

There was one more thing…

On the Demon Sovereign’s body, the corpses of the ancient human emperors acknowledged Lin Chen even more!


At this moment, Lin Chen only glanced at the sky.

“If Eon God is a sly old fox and Di Jie is also a sly old fox, then I, Lin Chen… will be even more sly than you!”

Lin Chen sneered.

In the next moment, he flew into the sky.

From ten thousand miles away, Lin Chen restrained his aura.

In fact, he even used Light and Dust…

All of this was just to get close to Mo Luo!

Five seconds.

In these five seconds, Lin Chen turned into light and dust.

In the void, he could completely approach the Demon Sovereign in the form of light…

At the last second, Lin Chen instantly transformed into a body that was hundreds of thousands of meters long.


Lin Chen’s big mouth bit down on Mo Luo’s lower body…

That was where all of Mo Luo’s tentacles were concentrated!

As for Mo Luo, because he still had to deal with the attacks of the Main Gods of the human race, he could only use all his tentacles to suppress Chi You. If he knew that Lin Chen was here, he probably wouldn’t have fallen into Lin Chen’s trap…

However, Lin Chen was too sinister!

Without any warning, he suddenly appeared.

The Demon Sovereign even asked in shock, “Lin Chen? Impossible, didn’t you go to the lower universe? You… how did you come back from the lower universe? Why is there no movement at all from my array formation in Fengdu City’s Demon Hall!”?????????? °

He did not know that Lin Chen had another passageway that could allow him to enter the upper universe from the lower universe!