Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World - C.624 - : There’s No Original Path In This World. If There Are Too Many People Using It, It Will Become a Great Dao!

Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

C.624 - : There’s No Original Path In This World. If There Are Too Many People Using It, It Will Become a Great Dao!

Chapter 624: There’s No Original Path In This World. If There Are Too Many People Using It, It Will Become a Great Dao!

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Lin Chen’s actions were not in vain!

This was because he had determined the level of cultivation in the path of a Saint.

The rules had been set!

This was because he carried the power of the natural order.

Following Lin Chen’s words…

In the future, the entire human race could step into the path of a Saint by reading the 3,000 Daoist Canon of the human race!

And this would be the foundation for the human race to unite the entire universe for a long time!

Because these 3,000 Daoist scriptures were the crystallization of the human race’s wisdom!

No matter what race it was, after reading the 3,000 Daoist Canon, they would receive enlightenment from the human race…

As for humans, it would be easier for them to step onto the path of a Saint!

Lin Chen had already begun to pave the way for the human race to unify the entire universe.

That was because he already possessed such strength.

Even Lin Chen’s words could be linked to the Lundao Pavilion…

Blue Planet, Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

Sea Conqueror Province!

In Skymoon City.

The tall Lundao Pavilion suddenly shook.

On the top floor of the Dao Discussion Pavilion, the ruler suddenly jumped.

Then, it turned into a human form…

But it wasn’t a real person.

However, it was the spirit of a ruler.

The Dao Law Ruler spirit’s shape was that of a woman’s.

Kong Yan!

When she opened her eyes, she seemed to be very shocked.

Moreover, she had returned to her youth, like a young girl.

But she knew that all of this came from…

A gift from the Sacred Emperor!

It was precisely because of Lin Chen’s strength that Kong Yan was able to become the spirit of the ruler.

At this moment, Lin Chen’s words appeared in Kong Yan’s mind. Kong Yan’s eyes widened. In the next moment, she changed her appearance and became the eyes of her ancestor, Kong Zeng.

Master Kong!

Once one of the strongest experts of the human race!

He was also the pioneer who implemented the entire ideology of the Human Emperor Era after the end of the Ancient Human Emperor Era.

Kong Zeng!

At this moment, Kong Zeng, who Kong Lin had transformed into, began to transmit Lin Chen’s voice to all the students in the Dao Discussion Pavilion…

The path of a Saint!

This path now belonged to the entire human race!

Even everyone could cultivate it?

Upon hearing the news, Zhang Chunlin, who was working in Fallen Leaves City, hurriedly rushed over. Under everyone’s gaze, Zhang Chunlin, the current Grand Tutor of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom and a good friend of the former Holy Emperor of the human race, slowly stepped forward and asked the spirit image of Master Kong Zeng, “May 1 ask if those people who immigrated from the Brahma God realm and can’t step onto the path of cultivation can also cultivate the path of a saint?”

“The path of a Saint is to read, cultivate one’s body, and cultivate one’s heart. Then, cultivate one’s words and actions. Every move and style… As long as one can read and write, one can cultivate!”

Kong Zeng’s soul spoke.

Then, she turned around and entered the ruler.

This news quickly ignited the entire Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

Even the entire immigration area!

Thus, billions of living beings celebrated…

Everyone headed to the Lundao Pavilion.

Zhang Chunlin also returned to the imperial court in a hurry. After discussing with Winter, he decided that in the future, in addition to learning the Dao of science and technology, it be required to learn the 3,000 Daoist scriptures in all the textbooks in the entire Dragon Spirit Kingdom!

The path of a human Saint had to be carried forward by the human race!

It could even become the foundation for the human race to dominate the entire universe!

Without a doubt, Lin Chen had become the pathfinder of the human race!

On Zhennan Pass, Lin Chen waved his hand again.

The myriad worlds were all destroyed.

“When the Sacred Emperor creates a world, he can also destroy it. When the Saint Emperor creates a universe, he can also destroy a universe… This is the path that we humans walk! When creating and destroying, the humans always know how to leave a backup plan for themselves!”

Lin Chen’s voice further set the tone of the path of a Saint!

He had already become a trailblazer!

What did he mean by opening a path?

That was to figure out a cultivation path. f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝗲bn𝐨𝚟𝚎

However, in the universe, there had always been such a concept…

There was originally no path in this world.

There was no path.

However, if more people walked, it would become a road.

It was even to the extent of reaching the Great Dao!

Therefore, when more and more people cultivated Lin Chen’s path of saints, the path of saints would become the most common path of cultivation in the universe!

As long as this cultivation path could last forever, the rule of the human race would always be stable!

This was also the reason why after Lin Chen advanced to Rank Eight, he had completely opened up the path of a Saint to everyone!

He wanted all humans to cultivate this path of a Saint!

He wanted the entire human race to become stronger!

At the same time, the human race could continue to fight!

There were currently no gods in the entire battlefield.

Even the demons had retreated.

Therefore, occupying all five Battlefields of Gods and Demons became the task of the Human Tribe.

The human army immediately attacked from all directions!

Previously, the living beings under the Demon Race and the Divine Hall…

Lin Chen did not accept any surrender!

Previously, when the human race was weak, these people did not surrender.


Why did Lin Chen care about them now if they wanted to join the human race?

Kill them all!

They were just mortal races.

The human army was completely crushing!

Lin Chen called out to Fire Elegance.

“Come with me!”

After saying that, Lin Chen turned around and returned to the human god realm.

Fire Elegance was still a little hesitant.

After all…

Lin Chen and her had a grudge against each other.

However, the gap between her and Lin Chen was too big.

In fact, Lin Chen did not even care about the revenge of extermination.

“Elegance, the Sword Master is calling for you!”

Sword Silk walked over.

Saber Linlang followed Sword Silk.

Now, she and Sword Silk were inseparable.

After all, the two of them were Lin Chen’s sword maids.

“Sister Silk, he… Why do you think he asked me to go? Why did he only call me?”

Fire Elegance was a little afraid.

Sword Silk smiled at her and said, “Kid, what are you thinking? If the Sword Master wants to deal with you, why would he need to call you over? Go, don’t be afraid!”

Sword Silk was actually not much older than Fire Elegance.

However, being older by one day would still count as being an older sister.

Therefore, Sword Silk touched Fire Elegance’s head and brought her to the god realm. She said to Fire Elegance, “Now that 1 think about it, before the Sword Master reached the First Rank, he came to our Fire Family’s territory. The first time he met me was just like yesterday. It didn’t take long. But now, the Sword Master’s strength is already very terrifying! Linlang, don’t you think so?”

“That’s right. The Saber Master’s strength is already very terrifying now… Sister Silk, do you think we will become as powerful as the Saber Master in the future?” Saber Linlang asked.

“I don’t know! Originally, our strength could improve along with Sword Master’s strength, but after reaching rank five peak stage, this connection seems to have been broken. Now, we need to cultivate by ourselves…”

Sword Silk tilted her head and said in confusion, “But why can the wife of the God of Protection always be as powerful as the God of Protection?”

“It seems that I can only ask the wife of the God of Protection… Senior Spear Servant!”

Saber Linlang also remembered the guardian spirit of Dragon Yandao.

She was also Dragon Yandao’s wife, with him being the inheritor of the Primordial Spear Soul!