Be a Good Boy and Marry Me - C.233 - : She said, I am the third party who intervened between you and Shen Yunsi_l

Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

C.233 - : She said, I am the third party who intervened between you and Shen Yunsi_l

Chapter 233: Chapter 233: She said, I am the third party who intervened between you and Shen Yunsi_l

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“Young people these days are quite rebellious, the more you oppose them, the more they will resist. I think, you can pretend to accept Gu Li at first, coexist with her for a while, and when she trusts you, then…”

As she reached this point, Aunt Liu glanced subconsciously towards the driver who had been silently driving all this time.

Though the driver was also a confidant of Mrs. Song, but just to be safe, she whispered into Mrs. Song’s ear.

Mrs. Song frowned upon hearing this, “Is this really okay?”

Aunt Liu sat back straight in her seat and smiled: “So are you hoping that she continues to harm Young Master Mo, or even harm the entire Mo family and Song family? We must choose the lesser of the two evils, it’s up to you, Mrs. Song.”

Mrs. Song grimaced, “Fine, I understand!”

After being persuaded by Aunt Liu, she gave up on the idea of going to the Mo family to settle accounts with Mo Shiting. She told the driver to return to the Song’s house.

It was 9 PM when Mo Shiting came back from work.

When he saw only Auntie Guan on the first floor and didn’t see Gu Li, he asked: “Where is the Young Madam?”

“Young master, Young Madam went upstairs after dinner.”

Auntie Guan truthfully reported.

“So soon?”

Mo Shiting was a bit surprised.

Normally, she loves to nest in the living room sofa area, either playing her laptop or watching TV, very rarely like today.

After changing into indoor slippers, he took off his suit jacket and handed it to Auntie Guan.

He was about to go upstairs to find Gu Li when Auntie Guan stopped him, “Young Master? ”

When Mo Shiting turned back and saw her hesitate to speak, he frowned, “What’s the matter?”

He had a gut feeling that it had something to do with Gu Li. The man’s eyes were even darker than before.

As expected, the next second he heard Auntie Guan say: “Mrs. Song came over this morning and things didn’t go well. Young Madam didn’t have a good appetite, she didn’t eat much.”

Auntie Guan didn’t know that Mrs. Song had hit Gu Li with a walking stick. However, judging from Mrs. Song’s gloomy face when she left, she guessed that they had a falling out.

As a maid, it was not her place to interfere, but she couldn’t bear to watch as Mrs. Song repeatedly bullied Gu Li.

Mo Shiting was silent for a long time before saying: “Thankyou, I understand.”

After saying this, he nodded slightly to Auntie Guan and then ascended the stairs.

He went to the study but didn’t find Gu Li.

When he returned to the bedroom, he pushed open the door and saw the young girl holding an iPad, huddled on the sofa. He didn’t know what she was watching, but from time to time she would giggle.

Seeing her in a good mood and seemingly not unhappy, Mo Shiting gave a slight smile, his deep eyes filled with indulgence.

The girl was so engrossed that she didn’t hear the man’s footsteps.

She was startled when he came behind the sofa and encircled her shoulders, “Brother Ting, you scare me, because I can’t hear your footsteps.”

Mo Shiting pinched her face playfully, “I thought you were brave? I didn’t think you are scared easily, even horror movies don’t scare you?”

“It’s different, okay?”

Gu Li pouted.

Her cherry-like lips looked sweet and delicious, Mo Shiting couldn’t resist but to give her a peck.

Caught off guard, Gu Li’s face flushed, and she shyly pushed him away, “Annoying!”


He chuckled and held her even closer, “Did Mrs. Song come to trouble you today? What did she say to you?”


Gu Li lowered her eyes, bit her lip, and directly told him: “She said she would give me one billion to divorce you.”

Mo Shiting scoffed, “She is generous.”