After Picking Up Five Brothers, No One Dares to Offend the Capital City - C.452: Father and Son


"Why can't the Fang family head just use his illegitimate son as a smokescreen, since he's also in the know?" Jiang Sheng asked while propping up her cheek.

Of course it was because the identity of the heir was not insignificant.

What was called inheritance meant grooming the next head of the household as the goal, not only needing the orthodox identity as a boost, but also coming into contact with the Fang family's most core rights and connections.

No matter how Fang Yuan wanted to fake his death and slip away, he wouldn't allow the Fang family to groom a new heir to compete with him for power.

"Even if this heir was a fake, as long as he had the orthodox identity, as long as he figured out the pulse of the Fang family, he would still pose a threat to Fang Yuan," Xu Mo commented.

Jiang Sheng nodded along next to him, roughly understanding.

"It's not that complicated, it's just the inferiority of men," Zheng Ruqian grumbled next to them, "A woman only has this one child, but a man has countless choices, so his offspring seem insignificant in comparison."

If the eldest doesn't work, switch to the second, if the second doesn't work, switch to the third, if the third doesn't work, have another one born.

How many who could sacrifice their offspring could have much familial love and care?

Jiang Sheng's expression became melancholy as she thought back to the years when she was helpless and without support, then thought of her father and grandmother's sudden lack of doting, and her expression drooped further. "If I were Fang Yuan, I would really be heartbroken."

Those who haven't gotten don't fear loss.

Having had but still losing is the most painful punishment in this world.

"So he's planning for himself, and also concealing it from the Fang family," Xu Mo said hesitantly, falling into contemplation.

There was nothing wrong with Fang Yuan wanting to survive and plan in secret, but was it really because he was disappointed with his father that he was hiding it from the Fang family? Or was it because of something else?

"If you already know the difficulties, why bother going through with it in the first place?" Jiang Sheng was still lamenting, "Why did he have to cheat in the imperial examinations, committing a crime punishable by execution of nine familial relations?"

Execution of nine relations, crime, sin.

Xu Mo's thoughts were instantly connected, and he was so excited that his hands trembled. "I know why now, it's because Fang Yuan was sentenced to death by the emperor's golden mouth, so escaping and ascending to immortality would be deceiving the emperor, and deceiving the emperor is more serious than cheating in the examinations."

Fang Yuan wanted to escape, which was deceiving the emperor, and could very possibly implicate the entire Fang family.

Fang Huairen disagreed, willing to sacrifice his eldest son in order to protect the Fang family, they could just switch heirs if needed.

The father and son who were originally of one heart and mind had differing views when it came to sacrifice, so Fang Yuan simply gave up on the Fang family and secretly made plans on his own.

"If the Fang family head knew Fang Yuan wanted to escape, for the sake of the Fang family, he might even stab his own son," Xu Mo finally analyzed the whole situation and let out a breath.

Zheng Ruqian's eyes widened in shock next to him, "Then hurry up and tell him, we can't let that turtle grandson escape, who knows what other mischief he might make."

"Yes, yes, yes," Jiang Sheng nodded along.

Fang Yuan was sinister and calculating, if he really did escape and rise to immortality, who knows what he would do to deal with them.

Borrowing the Fang family head's knife would allow them to eliminate future troubles, while also keeping their hands clean.

But Xu Mo didn't think that way.

"Do you still remember what I said before?" The youth took a deep breath, a bright light shining in his eyes, "As long as a force emerges in the court hall to replace the Fang family, and at the same time the Fang family commits a major mistake, the imperial family will eliminate this household."

Making escapes and survival plans behind the Fang family head's back was a fatal mistake.

The crime of deceiving the emperor, how could that not be enough to eliminate the Fang family?

The more Xu Mo thought about it, the more excited he became, wishing he could personally write and tell Fang Heng that he would soon have his revenge.

But thinking that a letter was not discreet enough, he forcibly suppressed the urge.

Only leaving Jiang Sheng and Zheng Ruqian dumbfounded, shocked by the eldest brother's ingenious mind.

They didn't know if it was the power of time that allowed them to grow until they could oppose the powerful households, or if truly intelligent people could always climb to the peak and then pull down their hated enemies.

The once lofty and unreachable Fang family, in Xu Mo's mouth, was so casually and lightly described.

Those "we'll do this and that in the future" words, said with high morale, but when the time came, how many could steadily seize the opportunity?

Xu Mo quickly wrote and sent it to the Wu family in the safest way, to pass on to Wen Zhiyun, then send it to Changyan Palace.

Even the well-versed in court affairs Fifth Prince couldn't help but be amazed and impressed when he saw it, "Eldest brother is becoming more and more intelligent and amazing, this really is a good opportunity."

The only thing that needed consideration was the household that could replace the Fang family.

It had to appear unconnected on the surface, while communicating privately.

Among the current top households in court, there were four: the Jiang Family, Sun Family, Dou Family, and Fang Family. The first-class households included the Yao Family, He Family, Ju Family, Zhu Family, Tao Family, Min Family, and Chu Family.

Ignoring the second and third-rate households, the Sun Family was absolutely neutral. Sun Chancellor had occupied the position of head official for many years, willing to take verbal abuse rather than step down, as if maintaining his last glory.

The Jiang Family and Dou Family were seemingly neutral, but had cooperated several times, hinting at an alliance.

The Yao Family didn't need mentioning as in-laws.

The Fang Family led the Zhu Family, Tao Family and others, their power was not negligible either, but they were possibly divided now by the conflict between father and son. The Zhu Family and Tao Family were closer, and more willing to side with Fang Yuan.

The Min Family was the maternal family of the Third Princess, in an isolated unaligned position.

The Chu Family was the maternal family of the Fourth Prince, on good terms with each family but not intimate.

The Ju Family strongly supported the Eldest Prince, and was very close with many mid and small households, recruiting talents. 𝘧𝘳𝓮𝓮𝓌𝘦𝓫𝓷𝘰𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝓬ℴ𝘮

Chang Yan wrote out the names of all the powerful households in Fenjing, then drew ink circles according to factions, finally stopping on the surnames of several families whose stances were unclear.

The Empress's status was noble, favored over the Consort Chu. As the only pampered daughter, the Third Princess was also favored by the imperial family.

But she was still just a girl in the end, unable to become a feudatory queen or ascend the throne, which led to the Min Family also becoming unambitious, just trying not to offend anyone.

No matter who ascended the throne in the future, the Third Princess would be the Eldest Princess, the Emperor's sister.

They had no reason to, and would not be willing to offend the Fang Family by helping anyone.

The Chu Family was the household whose thoughts were most inscrutable. They were neither unaligned like the Min Family, nor proactive like the Ju Family, yet happened to have ties everywhere, with an extremely good reputation.

It seemed they were preparing for something, but were not being proactive for some reason, like an impenetrable fog.

The remaining He Family...

"I know this He Family, I heard they have a grudge with the Fang Family, and even helped the Third Prince before, they must be our ally," the attendant said excitedly, pointing at the big "He" character.

Chang Yan put down his brush, looking thoughtfully at the attendant. "Being with me for so long, how can you still be so stupid?"

The attendant was both shocked and aggrieved, unable to get any words out.

"If the He Family really had feelings for Third Brother, why didn't they come out and directly help, but instead provided assistance in secret?" He analyzed in an indifferent tone, "Being in court, arbitrarily forming alliances is most taboo. Even if the other party reaches out to help, it could just be bait and a spy."

You rejoice at making an alliance, and with one move from him it's ruined.

If just doing a favor could form a faction, why would families still need to use marriage alliances to consolidate power?

Don't be so naive.

"This subordinate understands now," the attendant still had an embarrassed expression, but his eyes were firm. "This subordinate will learn to discern in the future. But if the He Family is no good, who should we choose, the Min Family?"

Among the first-class households, the neutral ones with no involvement were only these.