After Kicking Over the Scumbag, the Whole City Wants to Marry Me - C.1: Gu Ying is Dead


Gu Ying died in the winter of the twenty-eighth year of Tianqi.

That year it was the twelfth lunar month, and the weather in Bianjing was extremely cold.

Outside the broken temple window lattices, large snowflakes pattered down onto the green stone steps, and the howling wind blew in, cutting people's faces like knives.

A few dirty, foul-smelling men came as usual to violate her.

They impatiently pulled down their pants and climbed onto her still warm body, moving for a few moments. Seeing that she had little energy left, they screamed in fright and fled in panic.

Gu Ying's hands and feet were locked in heavy iron chains made of profound iron. Her emaciated body had almost completely lost its strength, and could only lay limp and helpless on the icy cold ground.

She stared blankly at the black overlapping roof tiles above her head.

A ray of daylight shone through the cracks between the tiles.

The cold spreading from deep within her body made her mind waver.

She ah, she was not supposed to be like this!

Her father was a distinguished general who had rendered outstanding service to the country. She was the most esteemed legitimate daughter of the Dongping Earl Manor. She was the fiancée of the young marquis of Yong'an Marquis Manor!

She should have had supreme honor and a bright future befitting embroidered silks!

Yet because of an accident falling into water, she married a husband who did not love her!

Two years after getting married, Jiang Yin had already brought in more than ten concubines to sleep with, because he did not love her, everyone could step on her head!

Later, there was conflict within the household, competing for favor and currying favor, all for a man who did not love her. She had lost all the face and dignity of a legitimate daughter.

After that, during two years of infertility in the Jiang family, she was tormented by her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Her elder sister who had married into Yong'an Marquis Manor on her behalf not only enjoyed splendor and glory, but also tortured her in all kinds of ways.

Her status was below her elder sister, she could not compete against her elder sister in scheming. In less than a year, Jiang Yin had her limbs broken and abandoned her in a dilapidated temple on the outskirts of Bianjing, reducing her to a plaything for the men around.

It had been ten years...

During these ten years, Jiang Yin would not let her die, and people from Yong'an Marquis Manor also would not let her die.

They imprisoned her, confined her, let those dirty and foul men humiliate her, torture her.

She lived a fate worse than death, but could not escape.

But today was different.

That breath lingered in her throat. She vaguely saw her father who had died on the battlefield, her younger brother who had died prematurely, and her maid who had been murdered...

They were all beckoning to her. They had come to take her away.

Gu Ying smiled. With her last bit of strength she bit through her own tongue, lifted her withered, emaciated hand, grabbed a rock and swallowed it down forcibly.

After that, she could no longer feel the bleak coldness of this dilapidated temple. She slowly closed her eyes...


"Good heavens, how could the second young lady of the Dongping Earl Manor have fallen into the same pond as Young Master Jiang in a place as remote as this!"

"Oh my, a man and a woman alone together, they must have had an affair!"

"I didn't expect Young Lady Gu to be so well-behaved and soft-spoken on the surface, yet also capable of doing something like this! Although Young Master Jiang comes from a family in decline, he is gentle and refined, with boundless prospects. I heard earlier that Young Lady Gu intended to break off the marriage with the Yong'an Marquis Manor, wanting to marry Young Master Jiang instead!"

"Nonsense! My young lady is not that kind of person! Young lady, young lady, wake up!"

Noisy clamoring sounded in her ears.

Gu Ying's head ached badly. She had not expected to be able to open her eyes again.

She subconsciously moved her body. The chill permeating her whole body made her shiver uncontrollably. f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

Because there were too many madams and young ladies surrounding her, she blankly looked at the rouge in front of her eyes, and did not notice her clothes hanging loosely off her shoulders, exposing a large area of fair skinned chest.

"On such a cold day, could she have deliberately worn so little to seduce Young Master Jiang?"

Then someone stood up, her tone full of concern.

"Second sister, although you admire Young Master Jiang, how could you do something so improper at Concubine Xuan's snow-viewing feast... You never listen to father and mother on ordinary days, your temperament is unruly, but if Young Marquis of Yong'an finds out about this, then our Gu family's reputation... How will the other sisters of our Gu family have any reputation left, how will they get married in the future..."

She could not continue. Her eyes were red, she bit her lips as tears welled up, looking so pitiful.

Everyone looked at her sympathetically.

Because of this one thoughtless younger sister, what reputation would the Dongping Earl Manor have left in Bianjing?

The excellent marriage prospect with the Yong'an Marquis Manor would probably be lost too!

After a while, Gu Ying stiffly raised her head to look at the crying woman. Her gaze was still somewhat distracted.

But she clearly remembered this person. This delicate face belonged to her elder sister Gu Jia, who had ruined her entire life and condemned her to hell!

Twelve years ago, it was her who had schemed and directed this show of her falling into the water today, which ruined the reputation of the Dongping Earl Manor. She had taken the initiative to break off the engagement with the Yong'an Marquis Manor, and stubbornly pursued the unloving Jiang Yin!

Afterwards, elder sister Gu Jia had completed the marriage with the Yong'an Marquis Manor on her behalf.

Since then, the lives of her and Gu Jia had gone to two extremes, one in the clouds, one in hell.

But heaven had taken pity and given her a chance to start over. This time, she regretted it. She would never be stupid again!

Gu Ying's throat felt hoarse. The gloom between her brows dispersed. Her fingers trembled as she grabbed Gu Jia's hand.

In Gu Jia's clear pupils, she saw her own childlike appearance, displaying the brightness and vibrancy of a sixteen-year-old girl.

That's right, this was her face, still young, not yet ravaged and tainted by the breath of death from evildoers.

She stared for a while. With Gu Jia's support she stood up.

After a long time, amidst the hushed discussions of the crowd, she slowly smiled, beautifully. Her smile melted like ice and snow, like a sharp blade suddenly blossoming into an enchanting, gorgeous flower, bewitching, yet able to kill.

She had been reborn. This life, she would never take the same path as her previous life again!

"I wonder which elder sister heard that I admire Young Master Jiang."

"Younger sister, didn't you tell elder sister yesterday that you could meet Young Master Jiang at today's banquet, and then—"

"Elder sister, choose your words carefully! This concerns the honor and reputation of all the young ladies of the Dongping Earl Manor!"

Gu Ying sharply cut her off. Without even glancing at Gu Jia's alternating green and pale complexion, she slowly tidied her drenched clothes and dress, bowed respectfully to Concubine Xuan, the hostess of today's banquet, her eyes brimming red.

"Concubine Xuan, please see clearly, Gu Ying has never said a word about admiring Young Master Jiang. Today's accident was solely because I am unfamiliar with the palace routes and accidentally fell into the water. Young Master Jiang benevolently passed by the flower pond and graciously saved my life!"

Fortunately it was winter now. Although her clothes were drenched, they did not completely reveal her body. Otherwise she really would have had to jump into the Yellow River to clear her name.

In her previous life she had been foolish. She had listened to her elder sister's slander, thinking the young marquis of Yong'an was a debauched playboy not worth entrusting her life to. On the contrary, she had taken a liking to the talented and distinguished top examination candidate described by her elder sister, Jiang Yin.

Over the next ten years or so...

She clearly remembered her own foolish appearance after falling into the water that year. Not only had she clung onto Jiang Yin and refused to let go, she had also loudly proclaimed her affection for Jiang Yin in front of Concubine Xuan, insisting on marrying him instead of the Yong'an Marquis Manor.

That very night after returning home, she had been caned and made to kneel in the ancestral hall.

But to save face, her family still married her to the Jiang household.

Afterwards, elder sister Gu Jia had married the Yong'an Marquis Manor on her behalf.

From then on, the life trajectories of her and Gu Jia had gone to two extremes, one in the clouds, one in hell.

But heaven had taken pity and given her a chance to start over. This time, she regretted it. She would never be stupid again!