After Being Reborn and Regaining Her Identity, the True Heiress Is Spoiled in the Seventies - C.5: Hope and Disappointment Are but a Moment


But the smell was still unpleasant. An ZhiXia looked at the peach in her hand that she almost bit into, and finally put it back into her space. She tidied up her mind and walked calmly out of the bathroom.

The excessive fatigue of her body made An ZhiXia sleep very deeply. When she woke up, it was already noon the next day.

Zhou Zhi Zhi was no longer in the room.

When she walked out of the door, what she saw was Zhou Granny plucking chicken feathers in the yard. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

"You're up?" Unlike yesterday's coldness, Zhou Granny's eyes were obviously full of distress when she looked at her, "You look severely malnourished, so we killed a chicken at home to make chicken soup at noon to nourish you."

"Okay, thank you granny." An ZhiXia thought, they must have already gone to An Le Village and inquired about her life over the years, so their attitude changed.

Indeed, just as An ZhiXia had thought, as soon as Zhou XiFeng arrived in An Le Village, he headed straight for the Gao Family. When he saw Li Xiu, the ringleader who had swapped the children, he realized that what An ZhiXia said was very likely to be true.

The child at home looked seven or eight parts similar to his younger sister, while the woman in front of him also looked three or four parts similar to his niece, especially the eyes of the two. Compared alone, they were simply identical. It was unbelievable to say they were not mother and daughter.

Then he inquired about the Gao Family's situation and learned that the Gao Family had three children. Apart from the eldest being a son, the second and third were daughters.

But the difference was that the older pair of children were doted on, while the youngest daughter Gao XiaoCao was indeed like a blade of grass, unloved by her parents since she was a child. Especially in the past two years, she had been tortured when she was at home and not allowed to go out.

It was said that this daughter was married off two days ago, but those with a heart knew that it was not a marriage but a sale.

Otherwise, how could there be no wind before the people left, and only after they left did the word spread that she was married?

Also, Gao's second daughter was not yet married. How could it be the turn of the little daughter even if she married?

After hearing this, there could be no doubt. They were clearly aware that she was not their own child, so of course she could not compare with the two biological ones upstairs. But to torture her like this and directly sell her was also too cruel.

Zhou XiFeng felt very upset at that time.

All the evidence and details told them that the two families had indeed swapped their children.

Looking at the child's physique at home, an 18-year-old girl was at the age as delicate as a flower, but this child was thin and small, with yellowed cheeks and no flesh. Her eyes looked bigger, which made people feel distressed.

Zhou Granny had been crying for half a morning, and her eyes were still red now.

Jincheng was not far from here either. An ZhiXia thought that her family would come to pick her up in the afternoon.

After all, it was about her own child, and they should be very cautious.

But the reality was unexpected. An ZhiXia waited for three days but did not see the people she was waiting for.

During these three days, Zhou's family was very good to her. The elders were full of distress and guilt, while her cousins were also very caring of her.

Her little cousin took her fishing when he went out.

They used baskets to catch fish in the water. An ZhiXia squatted by the river and put her hand in the water. The fish in her space were put into the river in this world.

Perhaps because they had never been caught in the space before, the grown fish were a little silly as well, so they were easy to catch. Her little cousin caught several big fish in a while, and others also caught some. They were discussing that the fish today were big and easy to catch.

A familiar child came over and called out to them, "Sister Zhi Zhi, your uncle is here..."

Because An ZhiXia's biological father An JingZhi was a city man, Zhou Nuan was quite famous for marrying into the city as a rural woman.

Hearing this call, the little cousin in the river told Zhou Zhi Zhi to take An ZhiXia back first.

Walking into the Zhou's house, An ZhiXia caught sight of the man in the hall at first glance.

He was wearing a Zhongshan suit with a tall and slender figure, gentle and refined. He was her biological father An JingZhi.

Beside him was a young man, also tall, but a little casual. An ZhiXia recognized him at a glance as her twin brother An ZhiAng.

At this time, he was still an eighteen-year-old boy who lived under the shelter of his parents and elder brother, with no worries. He had a slightly rebellious temperament. Not like his later dispirited and gloomy look.

In the moment their eyes met, An ZhiAng immediately felt a sense of intimacy emanating from the stranger girl. Perhaps this was the power of blood ties.

"Are you really my sister? Hello, I'm your twin brother. My name is An ZhiAng. You can call me Fourth Brother." When An ZhiAng saw An ZhiXia, he subconsciously concealed his rogue temperament and stood upright like his father.

An JingZhi was also shocked by An ZhiXia's resemblance to his wife's appearance. Afraid to frighten the girl in front of him, he softened his stern expression as much as possible, but still seemed a little uneasy, "You are... Little Cao, right? I am your father, An JingZhi."

An ZhiXia had never introduced herself before, and Zhou's family had been calling her Little Cao these past few days, probably following the Gao family.

After all, the name An ZhiXia was given to her by An ZhiAng many years later. It didn't exist yet.

"Do you believe me? Aren't you afraid that I'm lying?" Although she knew that Zhou's family would tell the truth, weren't they too rash to accept it so readily?

An JingZhi straightened up and said complicatedly, "I'm very sorry it took three days to come get you. I...Dad has been investigating the dealings between MeiYun and the Gao family these past few days..."

A few days ago, her uncle came and said that MeiYun had contacted the Gao family two years ago and had been trying to kill his own niece.

Although these were all said by that child, he still investigated the truth very seriously.

However, the truth was hard for him to accept. The child he had raised for so many years had indeed been in contact with the Gao family for two years. This result made him feel like a complete failure.

"Dear, Dad has figured it out clearly. I will definitely make the Gao family pay the price for their actions. Your mother heard about the hardship you've suffered these years and she has fallen ill. She also hopes you can go back and give your parents a chance to make up for you. Okay?"

An JingZhi knew that this might not be reasonable, but after raising her for so many years, the feelings could not disappear just like that, especially his wife's side, she was truly heartbroken. After discussing it repeatedly, this was the only bad idea they could come up with...

An ZhiXia lowered her eyelids, and her pursed lips revealed her dissatisfaction and disappointment, "You can leave. I won't disturb your family's life in the future. Just pretend I never appeared."