A Girl Who Wants to Be a Beneficial Person to Society - C.305: : Mid-term Exam


Steven was a straight man, very straight, and was completely oblivious to his ex-wife's complicated psychology.

His ex-wife agreed to design riding gear for him, and he was very happy and efficiently sent Olivia photos, height measurements, and a short horse riding video of Xiao Qi.

Since he had already asked for measurements when ordering custom riding gear for Xiao Qi before.

When Olivia received the photos and short video, she was also a bit stunned.

Is this the student that Steven's friends said he recently took on - the one who had only seen donkeys and never ridden a horse before?

Olivia even doubted that everyone was talking about the same person.

Moreover, if her ex-husband wasn't so straight and stubborn, she would have suspected that Steven liked this young lady - her looks and temperament were so unique, cold as ice, especially when riding a horse. That feeling was just too good.

As a designer, Olivia needed inspiration triggers.

Excellent works must be full of hormones.

Some people could give her this kind of hormone, others could not.

Just the photos and short horse riding video in front of her had already filled Olivia with passion, countless ideas and inspiration sprang up in her mind, just like when she first started in the industry.

She devoted herself wholeheartedly to her work.

Xiao Qi smoothly passed the second subject test in one go, and then prepared for the third subject test. She also went to the coach with cigarettes to practice the content of the third subject, and then asked the coach to schedule the exam time for her.

The coach was very surprised that the student in front of him drove more steadily than himself, with a real veteran feel.

But the cigarettes were nice to smoke, just what he liked, so the coach didn't say much.

Xiao Qi's life was still going on as scheduled for the most part, with the addition of a Spanish class that she was just beginning to learn slowly. The Spanish teacher turned out to be Old Man Garen. Garen was very romantic, always sprouting long poetic verses, self-indulgent. Xiao Qi still couldn't understand, she just felt it was quite impressive.

Garen could speak English, Spanish, and French.

He was humorous, eloquent, and livened up the usually dull and lifeless classes with Yamamoto. It seemed the whole class became more active.

Xiao Qi still missed Yamamoto a bit. She always felt that Yamamoto was profound on the inside but not good at expressing himself.

But overall there were still not many people, because this class was like using English as the foundation and then building Spanish on top, so the difficulty was relatively high.

If your English wasn't good, you couldn't even understand the English, let alone the Spanish explained in English.

Apart from learning Spanish, Xiao Qi also persevered in consolidating her painting skills.

After practicing horse riding at the equestrian center every day, she would still persist in painting a horse. Little by little, she painted more and more, and her paintings were also left at the equestrian center.

The progress was also very significant. At first, she could only paint out the differences between horses, the general characteristics. She was basically at entry level. But now, not only could she recognize which horse she painted at a glance, but she could also feel the temperament and characteristics of the horses, vivid and lifelike.

Xiao Qi judged by herself that her current painting skill was at entry level+, still not reaching proficiency, so she would keep working hard.

Recently the whole class seemed to be injected with chicken blood, working very hard. Not only were all the members of the evening self-study sessions present, but classmates could also often be seen familiar figures in the library, because the midterm exams were coming up soon.

When they first heard the news, everyone was confused. Wasn't university supposed to be wonderful, blah blah blah, why were there midterm exams...

It was said that each person's final grade consisted of 30% usual grades, 30% midterm exam, and 40% final exam.

If you didn't do well on the midterm exam, the probability of failing the course would be very high.

Although Enhua University was a private university, it had very strict failing policies.

In any case, under the influence of the class monitor Su Xiaoqi, the atmosphere of learning in Class 1 of business management was very strong. Even Li Weijin and Su Li studied hard, often going to their headquarters cafe holding textbooks, shocking everyone else. They didn't know what magical turning point had happened.

They didn't study at all in high school, and suddenly became enthusiastic about studying in college. What the heck?

Would studying even be useful for people like them? Not to mention at a university like Enhua, they probably couldn't study their way to being top students anyway. 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

Su Li and Li Weijin did not explain, there was no way to explain. There was an extremely abnormal girl in the class that they didn't want to fall too far behind and seem brainless in comparison.

Moreover, because of that girl, the whole class was studying, and they felt oddly out of place if they didn't study as well.

Xiao Qi herself was unaware of the huge influence she had on so many students, causing major changes. Her daily study routine was basically going as scheduled - running, practicing calligraphy, learning textbook knowledge, while additionally learning three languages on the side - Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, practicing horse riding and painting. If she could squeeze out time, she would also go to the library and stay half a day. That was basically the content of Xiao Qi's life, extremely busy and fulfilling.

When a person gets busy, time seems to pass especially quickly.

In a flash, it was time for the midterm exams. For the English speaking test, Betty let everyone go on stage to tell a little story, make it up on the spot, and she would score them. The computer practice course required doing experiments. The Basic Principles of Marxism course required writing a short thesis. The marketing teacher asked everyone to prepare a PPT individually to promote a product, taking turns going on stage to speak while others listened. The rest were written exams.

In comparison, the written exams seemed to be the hardest actually, because it brought everyone back to the nightmare of college entrance exams. Teachers highlighted key points but actually tested less than 10 percent of them.

Plus there was Calculus and Applied Statistics. For some students who didn't listen carefully in class, it was simply too unfriendly. They didn't even recognize the characters above, coming out of the exams sighing that it was too damn difficult, probably because their business management major was in the same building as the math department, resulting in having to take math exams as well.

Whereas exams that required writing papers and making PPTs had a much more relaxed atmosphere overall, a cheerful feeling. As long as it was done, it would be hard to fail easily. And several students could even work together in groups to make one PPT. Of course, it would also be difficult to distinguish grades.

Xiao Qi's dorm mates worked together on a PPT promoting various mushrooms from Wei Cheng's hometown. They divided up the tasks - Yunshu was responsible for making the PPT, Wei Cheng provided raw data and statistics, Xiao Qi came up with the marketing plan, eventually deciding on livestreaming sales. Mei'er would be responsible for going on stage to explain everything.

This was the first time the four roommates worked together on a project, even if it was virtual. But they still felt like they gained a lot from cooperating with each other - mutual coordination, and the discussions and disagreements that came up in the middle. Xiao Qi felt this kind of cooperation was very important. In the future society, many things would certainly require cooperation and it wouldn't be possible to accomplish everything alone.

Their dorm's collaborative PPT was well liked by Professor Shi, earning full marks. Upon finding out that Wei Cheng's family really grew mushrooms, they had an lively discussion on whether it was feasible to market them.

As for Betty's impromptu English speaking exam, it was very simple for Xiao Qi, who also directly got full marks. However, she didn't expect that many people in the class had pretty good English, especially those few rich ones. They were probably all well-traveled abroad and spoke English without nervousness, very calm and composed, scoring very highly as well. Li Weijin, in particular, was especially liked by Betty, with a score just a tiny bit under Xiao Qi's.

The computer practice course was a bit difficult for Xiao Qi. She felt computer classes were boring. But she never let her guard down about it. At the beginning, it was her weak spot, after all she had never touched a computer before entering college. It was the same for Wei Cheng. But Xiao Qi had always studied it very attentively, starting from nothing. She actively previewed and reviewed diligently for every class, and completed assigned tasks very outstandingly, slowly making up for her shortcomings, no longer getting nervous and flustered when dealing with computers.

After finishing the midterm exams, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

At school, Xiao Qi basically didn't spend any money. Seeing the account balance of 30,000 everyday, although she had spent money furnishing an apartment, her accumulated savings now totaled over 700,000 again.

Xiao Qi felt like a little rich girl, a miserly one at that. Looking back, although she had the system, the money she spent from the system was mostly accumulated in large sums to buy a house. In her daily life, she actually spent more of the money she earned herself.

However, without the system, she might not have had the courage to take that first step, to have the courage to participate in the competition to win the prize money.

It suddenly dawned upon her why the rich get richer. Firstly, it's confidence. Having money supports one in doing many things that they don't dare do otherwise.

However, she was going to Beijing soon. After finishing her exam on Friday morning, she'd be taking the afternoon flight.

Apart from her coach, the chairman would also be accompanying her.