A Girl Who Wants to Be a Beneficial Person to Society - C.302: : Member of Calligraphy Association

A Girl Who Wants to Be a Beneficial Person to Society

C.302: : Member of Calligraphy Association

Monday's classes were quite full.

There were three classes.

After finishing classes in the afternoon, Xiaoqi didn't go to the equestrian center as usual. Instead, she went to the calligraphy and painting club.

The club president was looking for her.

She hurried over as soon as class was over.

In the office of the calligraphy and painting association, Xiaoqi looked up and saw the piece of calligraphy she had written last time, which had been framed and hung on the wall.

After being framed, it instantly looked high-end and didn't even feel like something she had written herself.

There were quite a few people in the calligraphy and painting club, including the president, vice president, and some familiar faces.

The inside smelled good, with the windows open and a few green potted plants in front of the windows. There was a strong scent of ink and the fragrance of ink and paper.

When they saw Xiaoqi coming, Vice President Han Wei exaggeratedly exclaimed, "What a rare guest we have here, our classmate Xiaoqi. It's so rare to see you."

Xiaoqi smiled a little embarrassedly. There had been several activity notices before, but she was really busy and had a tight schedule, so she hadn't been able to come.

After finally finishing the marathon race and the English speech competition, she felt a little more free recently, so she made time for it.

Club President Li Luanliang actually knew what Su Xiaoqi had been up to recently. After all, she was so famous that the school banners were hung up, and even Enhua's official TikTok had reported on her. It was almost turning into Su Xiaoqi's personal TikTok. When scrolling through, several posts were about her.

"It's okay, the club is for hobbies, and everyone can participate as they are able. But I called you here today because there's something real." Li Luanliang explained. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

Then he handed Xiaoqi a small notebook.

Xiaoqi didn't know what it was, so she received it with both hands and opened it. It turned out to be a membership card for the Alliance City Calligraphy Association.

She unexpectedly gained a semi-official identity like this, a member of the calligraphy association. There was a one-inch photo of her with a red background on it, looking a bit naive.

"Thank you, President." Last time, Xiaoqi participated in an activity of the calligraphy association and saw so many middle-aged and elderly people with various identities. She felt that it was quite difficult to join the calligraphy association, and those people took it very seriously. It must have been the president's help that she, a student, could easily obtain this membership card.

"Mainly because your handwriting is good. Many people asked about the calligraphy you wrote at the calligraphy association last time. But in the future, you'll still need your own seal for public use." Li Luanliang said.

And he threw a seal to Xiaoqi and said, "I had someone make one for you. The material is not expensive. If you feel embarrassed, write a copy of the Heart Sutra for me and I'll give it to my elders."

Xiaoqi took the seal, which was a white cylindrical object with a little monster lying on top of it. Underneath the seal, Su Xiaoqi's name was engraved, very delicate. When holding it in her hand, it felt smooth and white.

"Next time, you can find someone to make your own seal if you need other titles or something." Li Luanliang saw that she liked it and said with a smile.

Seeing President Li giving Xiaoqi a membership card and a seal, Vice President Han Wei felt extremely sour.

She was the one who came first, but the president didn't treat her differently.

At the beginning, he even said he had a girlfriend, but now he cared so much about this junior.

This schoolmate Su Xiaoqi is quite outstanding. Well, she's also quite good-looking. Even Han Wei, another female student, couldn't find it in herself to say anything negative about Su Xiaoqi's appearance. At most, she mentioned that Su Xiaoqi wasn't the type of internet-famous beauty like Wu Xinyue from the English department, with her pointed chin and big eyes. Su Xiaoqi had a more subdued look, even when she smiled, it gave off a faint impression. She had a great temperament, but if one were a male student, they wouldn't easily pursue her. It always felt like she was difficult to chase.

Interestingly, as fellow female students, they appreciated Su Xiaoqi's appearance even more.

But there was still a hint of jealousy.

Su Xiaoqi herself had good handwriting and hadn't seen the club president recommend her to the Calligraphy Association.

"President, you treat Xiaoqi so well. Are you worried that your girlfriend will get jealous?"

Li Luanliang smiled and shook his head. "My girlfriend is at Qingmeng University. She even went to listen to Xiaoqi's speech last time and cried for a long time when she came back. She arranged for this seal to be made. Otherwise, I wouldn't remember such details."

Su Xiaoqi: ...

Well, it was reassuring in many ways, otherwise it would have been a bit awkward.

Looking at this seal, it was indeed very cute and feminine.

Han Wei felt a twinge of jealousy again because she had heard that the club president's girlfriend's family was in the jade business, so the things she brought out must be good.

After receiving the gift, Su Xiaoqi felt a bit embarrassed to leave directly.

Instead, she decided to write in the calligraphy and painting club.

Otherwise, she always felt that the vice president's tone was a bit strange.

When she practiced calligraphy, she was the most focused and wouldn't think about anything else.

Coincidentally, the president asked her to help write the Heart Sutra, so there was no need to delay.

She washed her hands, prepared the ink, and laid out the paper, all of which were available in the club.

She first wrote a practice version of the Heart Sutra on ordinary paper to get a feel for it. Her mood and state were stable, and only then did she write earnestly on the better quality paper.

Li Luanliang beside her took a video of Su Xiaoqi writing the Heart Sutra with his phone. He had no choice; it was his girlfriend's request. His girlfriend had a free-spirited and lively personality. She said she would become Su Xiaoqi's fangirl from now on...

Chasing after a girl was better than chasing after a group of young male idols and calling them "husband."

Su Xiaoqi completed the writing with great dedication, and she felt she had made progress.

When she participated in the English speech competition at Qingmeng University last time, she saw that there were always people more talented than her. It made her temperament more stable, more composed, and less restless.

Her writing now had a touch of restraint and tranquility.

Compared to the previous time she wrote the Heart Sutra, there were many differences. It wasn't that her handwriting had become much more beautiful, but rather the feeling and charm of her writing had progressed. It had matured a lot and gave people a more serene feeling.

Of course, you could still sense the youthful vigor within it.

Li Luanliang liked the youthful energy conveyed in Su Xiaoqi's writing. He planned to give it to his grandmother, who would probably like it too.

No one disturbed her in the middle, and Su Xiaoqi finished writing in one go.

She ceremoniously used her new seal, dipped it in red ink, and the seal became even more beautiful.

Su Xiaoqi really liked this new seal.

After finishing, she covered the sutra with the seal, giving it a sense of ceremony.

Han Wei, who was beside her, couldn't help but look at it and couldn't help but admit that her own handwriting was good, but compared to this junior schoolmate, they were not on the same level. It was like comparing the neatness of an elementary school student's writing to that of a university student's writing.

Silence fell. Su Xiaoqi wondered if she should ask herself to write a pair of couplets. But after their previous altercation, she felt a bit embarrassed to bring it up now.

Honestly, she thought the rough draft Su Xiaoqi had written earlier was already very good, not much different from this one.

However, there was a difference between having a seal and not having one. And when she saw Su Xiaoqi rolling up the previous sheet, ready to take it away...

She couldn't bring herself to say it.

Xiaoqi completed her task and didn't stay long at the calligraphy and painting society. She returned to her dorm and went for a run.

Before her run, Xiaoqi posted on her social media, taking a picture of her membership card from the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and thanking the president of the society for the recommendation.

She still insisted on walking at least thirty thousand steps every day, after all, she needed to earn money from the system.

But in the eyes of others, Xiaoqi seemed like an incredibly diligent freak. Even after the marathon race was over, she continued to run every day.

She didn't look at her phone while running, so she didn't notice the flood of likes and comments pouring in. Some people were congratulating her, some were shocked, and others didn't know what to say.

Some of her high school classmates she hadn't added on WeChat, while others she had.

At this time, her membership card was shared in the high school class group. The group fell silent for a moment before exploding.

"Is Su Xiaoqi really that good at calligraphy? She's actually become a member of the Municipal Calligraphy Association. Why didn't anyone notice back then?"

Among them, Liu Shaowei felt quite awkward. He felt like after he broke up with Su Xiaoqi, she became more and more dazzling...

There was always news about Su Xiaoqi in the class group: marathon champion, English speech contest winner, and so on.

But he consoled himself. Jingnan Province was just an ordinary and underdeveloped province. It seemed outstanding in Jingnan Province, but it might not be the case outside. He studied in the capital city and had a broader perspective, realizing how short-sighted he had been in the past.

He and his former girlfriend Xie Ruan also broke up. They silently agreed to separate because they both felt they were not up to par with each other. Lushan City was too small, and their horizons were too limited. They went to the capital city to find new partners and a broader space.

He was handsome, tall, and fair-skinned, making him popular among girls.

Recently, he had a heated exchange with a girl from the neighboring class. She was a local in the capital city and had a very wealthy family. She usually wore luxury brand watches and handbags, attracting attention. In terms of looks, she was actually not as attractive as Su Xiaoqi, but she had a good temperament and came from a well-off family. It was a different feeling. Liu Shaowei pursued her diligently, feeling that she was the girl he truly liked and could spend his life with.