A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times - C.135: You must always remember Me


Sang Li opened her eyes when she heard the sound, and the moment she saw Su Mo, her eyes instantly turned red.

"Ha, auntie I have a long life ahead of me. You didn't die, so how could I die?"

He saw with his own eyes Wu Ying kill Su Mo. He also went up to check and confirm that Su Mo was indeed dead. How is it that she is now standing here safe and sound?

The man in black had a fleeting thought, and suddenly felt something was wrong. He immediately wanted to flee.

Suddenly a shadow flashed by, and in just a moment, the man in black fell from the air.

He lay on the ground with blood spurting out of his neck.

Wu Ying landed and stood towering over the man in black.

"Wu...Ying...you dare...betray..."

Before he could finish speaking, the man in black lost his breath.

Seeing the man in black die, Su Mo immediately ran to the bushes and helped Sang Li up, "Sister Li, how are you? Are you alright?"

"Mo Mo!" Sang Li hugged Su Mo tightly, with tears streaming down her face, "Xiao Han... Xiao Han fell off the cliff!"

"What?" Su Mo was shocked. She immediately got up and ran to the edge of the cliff to look down.

"Xiao Han! Xiao Han!" Su Mo shouted a few times, but only silence answered her.

At this moment, Gu Zhi happened to arrive on horseback. Seeing Sang Li fallen on the ground, he immediately dismounted.


Gu Zhi squatted down and took Sang Li into his arms, "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Seeing the wound on Gu Zhi's face, Sang Li was worried, "Ah Zhi, you're injured??"

"I'm fine!" Gu Zhi blamed himself, "Sister, I'm sorry, I failed to protect you!"

"Don't blame yourself. There were so many highly skilled assassins. How could you handle them alone? Don't worry, I'm fine. I just fell off the horse and hurt my knee."

Gu Zhi immediately went to pull up her skirt to check her knee.

Sang Li held his hand, "Ah Zhi, I'm really alright. Help me over there, Xiao Han...fell off the cliff."

Gu Zhi paused for a moment, carried her up and walked with her to the edge of the cliff.

"Don't shout, she can't hear you," Wu Ying stopped Su Mo.

"How do we get down? I have to go down and find her!" Su Mo said anxiously.

Looking down the cliff, Sang Li saw a river below and was instantly delighted, "Mo Mo, there is a river below! Xiao Han will definitely be alright!"

Su Mo then remembered that Xiao Han was once a champion swimmer. She must have seen the river below and took a gamble jumping down!

Su Mo felt slightly relieved, "Then she must be fine. We four sisters have great luck and won't die so easily!"

"To get to the bottom of the cliff, we have to take another path down," said Wu Ying.

The four first returned to the inn at Chu City, planning to meet up with Xia Miaomiao before going down the cliff to find Xiao Han.

At the inn, Gu Zhi treated Sang Li’s knee injury.

"Wu Ying, the men in black who chased you, have you killed them all?" asked Gu Zhi.

There were four men in black who fought Gu Zhi. Gu Zhi's martial arts skill was no match for them and he couldn't get close. At the critical moment, he took a life-threatening risk and inflicted them with his poisonous gu, managing to kill them.

"One escaped, but he was poisoned by my gu, he probably won't live either."

Gu Zhi's expression was not good. He looked at Wu Ying and said, "Wu Ying, it’s not my place to interfere in your search for the treasure map, but putting them four in such danger, have you ever thought that with so many Dark Cabinet people, can you protect them? No matter how great your martial arts, you are only one person!"

Wu Ying lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Seeing Gu Zhi speak to Wu Ying like this, Su Mo felt a little unhappy, "What are you doing? Why are you saying that to Wu Ying? He is helping us..."

"Mo Mo!"

Sang Li immediately stopped Su Mo, interrupting her words. She still could not let Gu Zhi know the truth!

Su Mo stopped and did not speak further. She pulled Wu Ying out the door.

"Don’t take it to heart Wu Ying. Gu Zhi still doesn’t know about our origins. Sister Li wants to get pregnant with his child before we leave."

Wu Ying put his arm around Su Mo and said in a low voice, "Mo Mo... I wish I could go to your world with you..."

Su Mo hugged him without speaking, feeling heavy in her heart.

"Mo Mo, I want... to take another picture with you before I leave. Can I?" Wu Ying suddenly said.

Su Mo looked up at him in surprise, "You're leaving?"

"Yes, you only have four months left. I must go back and retrieve the treasure map. After I get it, I will deliver it to you."

"Wu Ying, tell me truthfully, will it be dangerous for you? Although we managed to fool the Dark Cabinet people last time, I still don’t feel reassured. If they know I’m alive, they will definitely suspect you!"

Wu Ying smiled at her reassuringly, "Don't worry, I have my ways."

During Wu Ying’s recent return to the Dark Cabinet to find Su Mo, he inadvertently learned that the Grandmaster had no intention of letting him leave the Dark Cabinet. From beginning to end, he has only been a pawn in the Grandmaster’s hands. Even if he found the treasure map, the Grandmaster would not let him go.

From the moment the Grandmaster knew that Wu Ying was immune to all poisons, he had been vigilant against him, because every member of the Dark Cabinet was under the effect of potions.

Since Wu Ying was immune to poisons, the Grandmaster could of course not fully trust him. However, Wu Ying had always been loyal and devoted to the Grandmaster due to his gratitude for saving his life when he was young. The Grandmaster had no reason to make trouble for him.

But by allowing subordinates to wrongly believe that Wu Ying would succeed him as Grandmaster, he had unconsciously made many enemies for Wu Ying.

This time going back for the treasure map would truly be a one in nine chance of survival.

Yet for Su Mo’s sake, he must obtain the treasure map.

Still, he did not want Su Mo to worry. After Su Mo leaves this world, whether he lives or dies will no longer matter.

"Mo Mo, let's take a picture together?" Wu Ying said again.

Too many things were on Su Mo’s mind that she felt as long as Wu Ying said there was no problem there would be no problem. She took out her phone and smiled at Wu Ying.

"I can't believe you actually took the initiative to ask for a picture. I thought you hated it! Because you men don't know how to take pictures."

Su Mo said, turning on the front camera. Seeing the two of them in the frame, Wu Ying couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth.

Remembering the pose Su Mo taught him last time, he suddenly raised his left hand and made a "V" sign next to Su Mo.

Snap, the picture was captured.

Seeing Wu Ying's "V" sign, Su Mo couldn't help but laugh, "Wu Ying, you’re so silly... your "V" sign is so funny!"

"No laughing!"

"I want to laugh. What are you going to do, hit me?" Su Mo stuck her tongue out at him.

Wu Ying pinched her waist and pulled her over, lowering his head to bite her lips.

Mo Mo, you must...always remember me!