A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times - C.129: Don’t worry, I don’t need you to save me..

A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times

C.129: Don’t worry, I don’t need you to save me..

"Hey, are we turning against each other?" Feng Ziyuan sneered.

"I told you to leave!" Xia Miaomiao forcefully pushed Hua Wuyou.

"Ugh..." She suddenly leaned on the table, unexpectedly coughing up a mouthful of blood, and her body went limp.

"Miaomiao!" Hua Wuyou was frightened and quickly held her, his eyes filled with anger towards Feng Ziyuan. It felt like a knife was piercing through his gaze. "What did you do to her?!"

"Hmph!" Feng Ziyuan laughed and shamelessly gestured with his fingers. "Just a little... poison!"

Using Lv Luo's life as a threat, Feng Ziyuan forced Xia Miaomiao to consume the poison and demanded her obedience.

"Aren't you indifferent to her life and death? She's just a servant girl in your bed, her death shouldn't matter to you."

"Give me the antidote!"

"I can give you the antidote, but should the score for the soul-stirring melody be returned to its rightful owner?"

Hesitating for a moment, Hua Wuyou remembered his master's dying wish. He was repeatedly instructed to protect the musical score, especially to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Feng family.

Although his master was Feng Ziyuan's grandfather, he always believed that his own family had ill intentions. If the musical score fell into the hands of the Feng family, it would undoubtedly lead to a massacre in the Feng Family Village.

Xia Miaomiao also noticed Hua Wuyou's hesitation and realized that the musical score might be of great importance to him.

"Hua Wuyou, I don't need you to save me..."

With a pale face and blood-stained lips, Xia Miaomiao appeared weak, as if she would perish at any moment.

"I came to the Palace of No Worries with you not because I like you. I approached you just to... obtain what I wanted."

Hua Wuyou looked down at her, his blue eyes concealing his true emotions.

He didn't want to betray his master's last wish, but he couldn't bear to see Xia Miaomiao die before his eyes. Even if she was injured, his heart ached. If she died, he would go mad.

Previously, his master was the most important person in his life.

But now...

Hua Wuyou gently touched her face, a smile forming at the corner of his mouth. "Little rabbit, you haven't obtained your belongings yet. How can you die?"

These words instantly broke through Xia Miaomiao's defenses. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she coughed up another mouthful of blood.


Hua Wuyou wiped the blood from her lips with his hand and took out a musical score from his embrace, his gaze coldly fixed on Feng Ziyuan.

"Give me the antidote first!"

"Give me the musical score first!"

"Feng Ziyuan, if she dies, I will bury the entire Feng Family Village with her!" Hua Wuyou declared, throwing the musical score towards him.

Feng Ziyuan caught the musical score, flipped through it to verify its authenticity, and then took out a vial of medicine from his waist, tossing it to Hua Wuyou.

Hua Wuyou caught the vial and immediately poured out the antidote, feeding it to Xia Miaomiao.

Feng Ziyuan obtained the soul-stirring melody, feeling exceptionally excited! From now on, he would be the one in control of the Feng Family Village!

Who would dare to underestimate him?!

Hua Wuyou saw that Xia Miaomiao's condition had improved slightly and finally felt relieved. He lifted her in his arms and left the room.

Feng Ziyuan didn't stop him, and Hua Wuyou walked to the door. Xia Miaomiao tugged at his clothes and whispered, "Hua Wuyou, there's also Lv Luo..."

Only then did Hua Wuyou remember that Lv Luo had been captured by them.

Before Hua Wuyou could speak, Feng Ziyuan said, "Don't worry, I have obtained the music score. That girl is of no use to me anymore, I will release her myself!"

Upon hearing his words, Hua Wuyou finally stepped out of the Drunken Immortal Building.

Just as Hua Wuyou left, someone came in.

"Young Master, everything is ready."

Feng Ziyuan smiled sinisterly and said, "Hmph, Hua Wuyou, did you really think I would let go of such a good opportunity?"

He had set up an ambush on their way back to the Palace of No Worries!

Hua Wuyou had just left the Drunken Immortal Building and waited for a while when Lv Luo also came out.

Seeing Hua Wuyou and Xia Miaomiao, Lv Luo immediately greeted them, "Palace Master! Is Miaomiao alright?"

She had witnessed Feng Ziyuan forcing Xia Miaomiao to take poison and taking her away. She was extremely worried.

Xia Miaomiao, upon seeing that Lv Luo was unharmed, also breathed a sigh of relief.

"She's fine, let's return to the Palace of No Worries," Hua Wuyou said in a deep voice.

Xia Miaomiao was feeling much better now, and her complexion gradually returned to normal.

"Hua Wuyou, please put me down, I feel much better now," Xia Miaomiao said softly.

Hua Wuyou lowered his head and glanced at her, only then did he notice that she was dressed provocatively today, and her legs were faintly visible beneath her skirt.

Hua Wuyou furrowed his brows, put her down, took off his own coat, and wrapped it around her. Then he picked her up again.

Lv Luo watched Hua Wuyou's actions and blinked, wearing a look of amusement.

Before Xia Miaomiao could say anything, Hua Wuyou took her in his arms and walked away, saying, "You don't even have shoes, how are you going to walk?"

Only then did Xia Miaomiao realize that she was indeed not wearing any shoes.

When they were on their way back, Feng Ziyuan had asked her to change clothes but didn't let her wear shoes.

The three of them found two horses and rode back to the Palace of No Worries.

Xia Miaomiao sat in front of Hua Wuyou, leaning against his chest, blushing at the barely perceptible contact.

Under the moonlight, their hearts beat irregularly.

"Hua Wuyou, I'm sorry. I've caused trouble for you. The music score must be very important to you, right?" Xia Miaomiao blamed herself.

"It is important, but the music score is lifeless, while people are alive. If you weren't my woman, Feng Ziyuan wouldn't have captured you. In the end, it was my fault for involving you," Hua Wuyou replied.

"But... I'm not your woman. Why did you save me?" Xia Miaomiao asked.

Hua Wuyou smiled, lowered his head, and whispered in her ear, "Who knows... maybe someday... you will be."

Xia Miaomiao bit her lip and unconsciously raised the corners of her mouth.

"You should think about how to explain your purpose for coming to the Palace of No Worries when we get back!" Hua Wuyou said.

Xia Miaomiao was taken aback, unsure if she should confess about the treasure map to Hua Wuyou. If she did, would Hua Wuyou give her the treasure map?

And if Hua Wuyou refused to give it to her, what should she do?

Xia Miaomiao was conflicted in her heart.


Hua Wuyou suddenly halted the horse, its hooves kicking up a cloud of dust. Xia Miaomiao nearly lost her balance, but Hua Wuyou quickly wrapped his arm tightly around her waist.

Lv Luo and her horse also stopped. "Master, what's wrong?" she asked.

Hua Wuyou furrowed his brow. "Something's not right... Lv Luo, take Miaomiao and go in that direction!"


As soon as Lv Luo spoke, numerous arrows shot out from the nearby bushes.

Hua Wuyou held Xia Miaomiao in his arms, and the three of them immediately leaped off their horses, taking cover behind a tree.

The two horses were riddled with arrows and fell to the ground.

"Lv Luo, take Miaomiao and run into the bushes. The farther, the better," Hua Wuyou said in a deep voice.

"Alright." Lv Luo didn't hesitate and grabbed Xia Miaomiao's hand, preparing to head into the bushes.

"Wait!" Hua Wuyou called out to them.

His gaze fell on Xia Miaomiao's bare feet, and he quickly took off his own shoes.

"I don't need..."

Xia Miaomiao tried to stop him, but Hua Wuyou had already taken off his shoes and put them on her feet.

"Your feet are so delicate and fragile. I don't want to see them get hurt again," Hua Wuyou smiled.

Xia Miaomiao looked at him, her heart deeply moved. Despite the danger they were in, she couldn't understand how he could still smile.

The voices drew closer, and Hua Wuyou wiped the smile off his face, whispering, "Hurry, go!"

Lv Luo immediately pulled Xia Miaomiao and they disappeared into the bushes.