A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times - C.128: Don’t worry about Spending, You’re just an unwanted beggar

A Girl and Her Best Friends Time Travel to Ancient Times

C.128: Don’t worry about Spending, You’re just an unwanted beggar

As Lightness rode past this place, she immediately noticed the overturned carriage and Auntie Zhang lying unconscious on the ground.

Startled, she quickly dismounted and rushed over to help Auntie Zhang, only to find blood on her forehead.

"Auntie Zhang, wake up! Auntie Zhang!"

After Lv Luo and Xia Miaomiao left, Lightness pondered for a moment and decided to return to the Palace of No Worries to apologize to the palace lord and Purple Clothed Girl.

She never expected that something would happen to them along the way!

Auntie Zhang still hadn't regained consciousness.

Lightness hurriedly went to the side of the carriage and saw a mess of vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish scattered all over the ground, but there was no sign of Xia Miaomiao and Lv Luo.

She furrowed her brows and immediately helped Auntie Zhang onto the horse, then rode back to the Palace of No Worries.


When she arrived at the entrance of the Palace of No Worries, Lightness was stopped.

Carrying Auntie Zhang on her back, she anxiously said, "Hurry, inform Purple Clothed Girl that Auntie Zhang is injured!"

The person guarding the entrance saw Auntie Zhang and immediately ran inside to inform Purple Clothed Girl.

Inside the room...

Purple Clothed Girl administered medicine to Auntie Zhang, bandaging her wounds. Then she looked at Lightness with a slightly cold tone, "What exactly happened? Where are Miao Miao and Lv Luo?!"

Lightness immediately knelt down, tears welling up in her eyes. "Purple Clothed Girl, I'm sorry..."

Lightness explained the whole story to Purple Clothed Girl.

Purple Clothed Girl furrowed her brows. "Who would capture them?"

"I suspect... Feng Ziyuan!" Lightness knocked her head on the ground and sobbed, "Purple Clothed Girl, I truly realize my mistake. It was Feng Ziyuan who instructed me to poison the palace lord and find the score for the Soul-Enchanting Melody!"

However, she couldn't bring herself to poison him. Taking advantage of the time when Hua Wuyou went to Lan City, she drugged the other sisters and went to find the score for the Soul-Enchanting Melody. But Purple Clothed Girl saw through her and caught her.

Feng Ziyuan? Purple Clothed Girl had heard of the name Feng Ziyuan. He was the eldest young master of Feng Family Village. However, there was no conflict between the Palace of No Worries and Feng Family Village, so why would he target them? Was it for the score of the Soul-Enchanting Melody?

Purple Clothed Girl knew this matter was of great importance and immediately took Lightness to meet Hua Wuyou.

"Is it you?" When Hua Wuyou saw Lightness, her face remained expressionless. "Why did you come back to the Palace of No Worries?"

"Palace Lord, Miao Miao and Lv Luo have been captured!" Purple Clothed Girl said.

"What did you say?!" Hua Wuyou immediately stood up. "Miao Miao has been captured? By whom?"

Purple Clothed Girl briefly explained the situation.

"Lightness said it might be Feng Ziyuan, the eldest young master of Feng Family Village."

Upon hearing the name Feng Ziyuan, Hua Wuyou's expression turned cold.

"Palace Lord, I truly realize my mistake!" Lightness immediately bowed her head. "I am willing to make amends. Besides me, Feng Ziyuan arranged for another person to be in the Palace of No Worries. However, I don't know who that person is. She only sent me two letters, both placed under the peach tree in the front courtyard."

Purple Clothed Girl furrowed her brows. No wonder Feng Ziyuan didn't capture anyone else but Miao Miao. It seemed he already knew that Miao Miao was the palace lord's woman.

"Palace Lord, let me go save them," Purple Clothed Girl said.

"I'll leave the matters of the Palace of No Worries to you. I will personally confront Feng Ziyuan!" After saying this, Hua Wuyou left the room.


At night, the moon cast a hazy glow.

In the Drunken Immortal Building, there was a scene of revelry and harmony.

Hua Wuyou, dressed lazily in a green robe, sat leisurely at the desk, surrounded by several young ladies pouring wine for him.

He exuded the air of a dashing young nobleman.

The Drunken Immortal Building belonged to the Feng Family Village, and Hua Wuyou was well aware of this fact.

During his stay in Chucheng, Feng Ziyuan almost always resided there.

Suddenly, the door to the side room was pushed open, and a man dressed in exquisite blue attire entered.

Seeing the numerous girls surrounding Hua Wuyou, Feng Ziyuan chuckled and said, "Hua Wuyou, you seem to be enjoying yourself quite well these days."

Hua Wuyou lifted his wine cup and took a sip, nonchalantly replying, "Feng Young Master, compared to you, I still have a long way to go."

Feng Ziyuan sat opposite Hua Wuyou and sneered, "Oh? Have you already abandoned your bosom friend?"

"Hmph..." Hua Wuyou chuckled lightly, "Do you really think I, Hua Wuyou, would give up my entire garden for a woman?"

"If that's the case," Feng Ziyuan clapped his hands, and a masked girl in pink attire entered the room.

She was dressed as a courtesan, barefoot, with tinkling bells around her ankles. Beneath the thin veil, her legs hinted at alluring curves, leaving one's imagination running wild.

Hua Wuyou stared at her figure, his drinking motion halted momentarily, feeling an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

"Come here and pour wine for this young master!" Feng Ziyuan commanded.

The girl in pink silently approached, her gaze sweeping over Hua Wuyou before immediately averting her eyes.

She obediently stood beside Feng Ziyuan, picked up the wine jug from the table, and poured him a cup of wine.

Just as Feng Ziyuan was about to raise his wine cup, Hua Wuyou's hand abruptly stopped him. "Feng Ziyuan, you blatantly abducted two girls from my Palace of No Worries. Shouldn't you give me an explanation?"

"Explanation?" Feng Ziyuan coldly laughed, "Hua Wuyou, you stole the melody of the Soul-Enchanting Song from my Feng Family Village. Shouldn't you give me an explanation as well?"

"Stole? That melody was personally entrusted to me by my master before his death. How could it be considered theft?"

Feng Ziyuan slammed his hand on the table, "That was my grandfather! His possessions are the Feng Family Village's possessions! Hua Wuyou, you're nothing but a beggar that no one wants! If my grandfather hadn't taken you in, you would still be begging on the streets!"

Hua Wuyou remained unperturbed, raising his eyes to look at Feng Ziyuan and casually remarking, "Indeed, as a beggar that no one wants, I am more favored by my master than you are. How pathetic are you?"


Feng Ziyuan seemed to have been struck at a sore spot. He harshly exclaimed, "Hua Wuyou, if you obediently hand over the Soul-Enchanting Song, your bosom friend will return to your side. Otherwise, you'll never see her again!"

Hua Wuyou remained unfazed and said, "I have countless women by my side. Do you truly believe that you can threaten me with just one woman?"

The girl in pink, who was pouring wine, suddenly faltered, spilling some on the table.

Hua Wuyou instinctively glanced over, meeting the girl's gaze directly.

Those almond-shaped eyes... so familiar.

Feng Ziyuan suddenly reached out, gripping the girl's neck tightly, and said, "You can't even pour wine properly. What use do I have for you?!"

"Mmm..." The woman's suffocating sensation made her eyes turn red.

The wine glass suddenly flew from across the table towards Feng Ziyuan, but he dodged it by tilting his head, and the force in his hand removed the veil from the woman's face.

Xia Miaomiao leaned on the table, panting, and met Hua Wuyou's gaze.

"Miao Miao, is it really you?"

Hua Wuyou stood up and quickly supported Xia Miaomiao.

However, Xia Miaomiao coldly pushed his hand away. "Hua Wuyou, you don't need to pretend."

Hua Wuyou was taken aback. Was the little rabbit angry at what he had just said?

Xia Miaomiao's eyes turned red, "Go away! I would rather stay at the Drunken Immortal Building as a prostitute than go back to the Palace of No Worries with you!"

Although she spoke harshly, her eyes were filled with affection.

Hua Wuyou, you need to leave now! If you don't leave soon, it will be too late!