Shitsuren Mania

Shitsuren Mania
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    失恋マニア ; 溺愛エゴイズム ; 熱愛コンプレックス ; 純愛アレルギー ; Allergy to Pure Love ; Ardent Love Complex ; Catharsis of the Love ; Dekiai Egoism ; Enraptured Love ; Junnai Allergy ; Netsuai Complex ; Saiai Ambivalent ; Unrequited Love Mania
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from hochuuami :An ongoing series revolving around Atsuya, who is an "Unrequited Love Maniac" and the possible lovers he acquires.Prequel: Hatsukoi Moratorium inside Shotgun Marriage (Nakura x Atsuya)Vol.1: Shitsuren Mania (Unrequited Love Mania)Vol.2: Junnai Allergy (Allergy to Pure Love)Vol.3: Netsuai Complex (Ardent Love Complex)Vol.4: Dekiai Egoism (Enraptured Love)Vol.5: Katsubou Catharsis (Catharsis of the Love)Vol.6: Saiai Ambivalent (The Dearest is Anbivalent)includes characters from a few other mangas by the same author.

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