Shitasaki Ni Yoake No Aji

Shitasaki Ni Yoake No Aji


Whether it be my tongue, or my body, I’ll use it all. As long as it’s for you, the man I fell in love with.At the back of an old alley, Yoruji is always looking up at the night sky. He finally opened up his own ramen shop, “Yogoto ((Nightly))” but despite the name, it is far cry away from his beloved stars.However, one late night, Yoruji discovers Akemi, who possesses a very special tongue. And so, the two of them begin to work together, in order to make the best tasting ramen. But is this the only amazing talent Akemi has…?!It’s only ramen, it’s only love. Yoruji and Akemi are heading towards dawn, please enjoy the taste of Ueda Aki’s strong-flavored love!

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