Shiroi Kumo

Shiroi Kumo


Includes the following short stories:1. Once Upon a TimeA lost little girl wants to find her way home...2. See You Next TimeA girl calmly reminisces about her dead friend.3. Imp in the NightA little imp wonders why he's afraid of the night.4. Sakura Antique StoreThe story of an old watch sitting in the window display of the Sakura Antique Store.5. Shiroi KumoA beautiful and touching story about life, death, and the heartening belief that we will all arrive at the same place when our time has come.6. MolehillThe story of a young mole who decides to become human so that he can see his girlfriend's face...7. The Lands of DreamsA girl is trapped in an endless dream...8. Grape PickingTwo teachers discuss the godliness of children.9. Let's Go Home10. The Story of the Flower11. The Road Where Flowers Bloom12. Egg Water13. Hoppie's BearOne day, office worker Kurata encounters a strange girl in the city. The girl, who wears a bear “head mask” all the time, moonlights at her dad’s restaurant. Thus begins an unusual friendship between the lovelorn man and the mature girl…14. "To a Certain Place"

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