Shiroi Kageboshi

Shiroi Kageboshi


Main Story: The White Shadow - Shiroi Kageboshi - 白い影法師Suzuko Hasebe, a grade 11 student, has been on a consistent transfer from one school to another (due to her father's work) before transferring to a private school. When she arrived, she saw an empty desk sitting by the window of the classroom and was given permission to sit there. No one has sat at that desk for 5 years, and strange things are about to occur. Side Story: Melody for Two - Futari no Melody - ふたりのメ? ディSawai is handsome, cultured, and a talented violinist who is searching for his soul-mate. Karumi is a boisterous and energetic girl whose greatest desire is to play the drum during the local festival. When Sawai's grandmother has heart trouble, Karumi impresses Sawai with her energy--and wrestling ability! But the gap between their worlds may be too great even for a duet with violin and drum, for Sawai's mother has returned to Japan--and declares Sawai must go to Austria. The only way he can stay is for rough Karumi to make a good impression...

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