Shiro Neko

Shiro Neko


Collection of oneshots:1) Shiro Neko - A young boy steals the wallet of a vet who fell asleep on the last train. Days later that same boy brings in an injured stray cat for treatment. Neither the cat nor the boy will stay but they keep coming back.2) Sweet Days - Years ago Kou moved away leaving behind cute little Yoh who idolized him. Now he's back and Yoh's changed... but not completely.3) And Sheep - Lin's best friend Kura-chan is a genius, and lacking any ethical boundaries. When Kura-chan decides to explore what happens when you combine human and sheep DNA there's only person he can test it on: Lin!4) Himitsu no Hanashi - Yuri's brother is gay. He can't accept that so how can he accept that Kawamori might be in love with him? Worse, Yuri might be in love right back.5) Endless End - Akutsu fears he's all alone on New Year's Eve until he runs into Mizumoto from school. The next time they meet it's 2 am and everything is deserted. It's always night when they talk. Will their growing love ever see the light?6) Summer Vocation

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