Shirei To Kisu 2

Shirei To Kisu 2


So wait, I've turned my teacher into an obedient pet?! High-school sophomore Mai Misobe spends her days dreaming of the day when her handsome world history teacher Mr. Yoshioka will see her for who she really is. One day, Mai is out late after a night of fun downtown when she spots Mr. Yoshioka smoking a cigarette and dressed up as a bartender in a back alley. She takes a picture without thinking too much about it, except he sees her and realizes that his secret side job is no longer secret. "If you don't do what I say, I'll share this picture with everyone!" Mai says, seizing the moment and threatening Mr. Yoshioka, but... "I look forward to seeing you how handle me," is his nonchalant reply!!!!! Mai tries to get him to do whatever she says, but is she actually being manipulated...? A slightly heartrending story of first love by Takashima Eri as a follow-up to her hit series -- I Give You My First!

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