Shirayukihime To 7-Nin No Shuujin

Shirayukihime To 7-Nin No Shuujin
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    白雪公主與七個囚犯; 白雪姫と7人の囚人 (Japanese); สโนไวท์และคนบาปทั้งเจ็ด (Thai); Shirayukihime to Nananin no Shuujin; Shirayukihime to Shichinin no Shuujin; Seven Dwarfs; Snow White and Seven Dwarfs; Princess Snow White and the Seven Prisoners (English)
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Our protagonist, Shakudou Takeru wakes up in a pile of debris. Before him, is a Tokyo completely unknown to him, ruled by people clothed in military uniforms...

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