Shinbashi No Miko

Shinbashi No Miko


Sadao, a graduate of a low class college, finds himself surprised that he was moved to a different department in a high level office building, located on level B2 (basement level), of the building. Upon entering his new office, he encounters a miko, and is told by his superior to follow her. He follows her and finds a man about to rape a woman, but the miko, named Ichiko, enters the scene and purges the man. A spirit exits the man, and things are back to normal. According to Ichiko, the number of sexual harassment and rape cases have multiplied by 20 times over the past 3 years! In order to do so, Ichiko is to reduce the number of such cases and prevent chaos from occurring by purging these souls that affect the minds of humans. Sadao was believed to have potential to fight against these souls, which is why he was moved to that department. So what's the secret to her powers? Read and find out!

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