Shiki-Senpai Is Too Handsome!

Shiki-Senpai Is Too Handsome!


Who doesn’t love a super-cool senpai? Hinami is trying to figure out why this incredibly cool and charming upperclassman pays any attention to her.Shiki-senpai really does like Hina, and so, as she tries to be a good manager-in-training for the basketball team (of which Shiki-senpai is the star), Hina is learning a lot about the girls on the team, about dedication and, ultimately, about what she wants.Shiki-senpai is very cool and very charming, but she’s all so very real and sincere. When she falls ill, and Hina comes by to her one-person apartment to take care of her, she learns that her feelings are rather more intense than she realized. And, when she kisses Hina, the first-year also begins to understand what that might mean for them.Shiki and Hina are not the only couple on the team, either— and while Miyamoto and the manager are an awkward couple for a number of reasons, their behavior certainly gives Shiki and Hina a few hints.

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